service 2.0 the step towards bright outcomes moving Barco into a new direction

For this project, we guided Belgian multinational Barco moving towards their new strategy. This strategy aims to extend their product portfolio with services. The brief required us to formulate a company wide strategy, covering the unique enterprise, entertainment and healthcare divisions. This greatly increased the complexity of the challenge.

Because of the complexity of the problem, we handled a tight research strategy for a thorough internal analysis. This research focused on uncovering the state of implementation of service 2.0, by hearing the stories of employees on their perspective on this strategic move. Our thorough research managed to uncover a view on the internal perspective on such a move and the state of implementation across all divisions. This perspective is the guideline for the rest of the project.

Through strong communication tools we aimed to change the perspective and show the added value of services for Barco's product portfolio. To reach this we demonstrated a VR experience which was used on a business fair in the main hall of Barco.



project kick-off

november 2019

project finished

january 2020

key capabilities

strategic consultancy

internal research