a friendly look for DUWO redefining the DUWO brand for students

In recent years, the DUWO brand has focused on transparency and communication. However, this has resulted in a limited sense of contact with the student. This is contrary to DUWO's core value of being able to go about your business as a student.

The student is the consumer and main influencer of DUWO. DUWO knows how to meet many of the student's needs. Yet not every need is fulfilled. DUWO is not identified as a brand that is able to live up to the needs of 'go ahead' and 'social interaction'.

The delivered product is an application designed for and with students in use, experience and interaction. MyDUWO is an accessible way of communicating from the client to DUWO, but at the same time it gives DUWO the opportunity to communicate its business objectives in a homogeneous manner. MyDUWO gives the student the feeling that he can go about his business within the DUWO facilities.



project kick-off

april 2018

project finished

june 2018

key capabilities

strategic consultancy

external research

User experience design