Envisioning the clothing store of the future

The challenge: Create a speculative design which envisions the future influenced by AI and its implications.

The opportunity: Consumer behaviour surrounding the buying of clothes is changing and will be more social in the future.

The solution: The Cube, an AI-powered concept store which exchanges clothes and recommends your outfit.

My role: Digital prototyping through Protopie, P5js, Web Dev and Arduino along with providing deeper knowledge on the inner workings of different AI algorithms.

Future Vision

The experience of shopping for clothing is changing. Shopping from your bed or your living room is becoming the new normal. With this continuing trend the future of the physical shopping experience is changing. Shopping outside will become a social experience, similar way to going to the movies. Before the 50's the only way to see movies was by going to a movie theater. With the arrival of the television this movie experience was brought to people's homes. Going to movie theaters became a social event, and still is today

The shopping experience will undergo a similar movement. Going out for shopping will become a social event and personalized experience where you can meet your friends and create memories.

Sharing will become the future norm, as sustainable thinking is taking a more prominent role in society. With this new way of thinking, wearing used clothing will become more accepted. This forms a gateway to connect with others.

The clothing store of the future; The Cube, enables users to have both a social physical shopping experience and to exchange clothing with others.

The Cube

The use of Al to enhance the well-being of people is often seen as something that should be done with caution. In the current multimedia platforms, the use of Al often results in the creation of personal bubbles with the users. In our concept store of the future we use Al to get people to reflect on their "bubble". The users are shown how they are perceived by the Al on their looks and reflect on how they want to be perceived.

The aim of our concept store of the future is to provide the physical clothing experience of the future, by enabling people to break out of their bubble.

User Journey

Prototype exhibition